About Participation To find out how safe the study treatment is and how well it works to treat eczema, we will randomly assign participants into 2 different groups and give each group a different treatment.

Participants will have a 2-in-3 chance (about 67%) of receiving tapinarof cream, 1% and a 1-in-3 chance (about 33%) of receiving vehicle cream.

2-in-3 chance
of receiving
tapinarof cream, 1%
1-in-3 chance of
receiving vehicle

Neither you nor the study staff will know which cream you will receive.

If you choose to withdraw from the study early, you will be asked to return to the study site for an Early Termination Visit. You also will not be eligible for the additional related study.

Am I Eligible?

This study has three main parts:

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Screening (Visit 1):

The study doctor and study staff will review your medical history and conduct a number of tests and assessments to determine if you are fully eligible to participate.

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Treatment (8 weeks):

Once a day for 8 weeks

Up to 7 study visits total (Screening visit, Baseline visit, 4 Treatment visits at weeks 1, 2, 4, and 8 from Baseline, and a Follow-Up visit at week 9)

Clinic visits may last between 1 and 3 hours

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Long-Term Extension (48 weeks):

Visits occur every 4 weeks

At week 8, participants will be offered the chance to join an optional open-label long-term extension (OL-LTE) study for up to an additional 48 weeks of treatment

All participants in this extension study will receive tapinarof cream, 1%

Participants choosing to opt-out of the extension study will conclude treatment

During study visits, you will be given the treatment that you are assigned, which you will apply under supervision during study visits. You will be given the treatment to take home and apply once daily to all affected areas. You will record when you apply the treatment cream and rate how itchy you have been in a diary every day.

Participation During COVID

As you consider taking part in the ADORING study, please know that our highest priority is protecting your health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our study doctors and nurses follow safety guidelines and take all reasonable precautions to help ensure study participants feel safe attending every study visit.

If you choose to speak with a study doctor about taking part in the study, they can provide detailed information about how they keep patients safe during study visits.

To learn more and to see if you or your child may be eligible to participate in the ADORING study, take our brief online questionnaire.

Am I Eligible?